National Center on Carbon Management and Soil Health (NCCMSH)

In Arid and Semi-Arid Environments

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The main goal of the National Center on Carbon Management and Soil Health in Arid and Semi-Arid Environments is to identify, verify and disseminate cost effective practices to soil health and carbon management in all major land use types, i.e., croplands, rangelands, forests, and urban lands.

NMSU has the existing facilities to create living laboratories to identify, evaluate, and demonstrate the action steps. Four of our existing Agricultural Science Centers (ASCs) will serve as living laboratories, examining the viability and verifiability of C sequestration approaches for arid and semi-arid lands. In addition, off-campus ASCs across the state and on-campus crop, range, and turf-management sites will demonstrate C sequestration practices unique to those regions. Researchers, stakeholders, and policymakers will have the opportunity to examine C sequestration practices that provide financial incentives for farmers, ranchers, and landowners to harness changes in land management for climate change solutions.

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Rajan Ghimire
Phone: 575-985-2292